Dawn of the Ages (DoA) is administered by several polished coders and builders who have taken the time to develop a stable and well-run MUD. In the following sections we look at the code, the statistics, and the means to building on DoA. We also provide an easy-to-use socials editor.


Dawn of the Ages has been implemented completely in Java™. So far the Mud has been run and tested successfully under several Windows™ flavors and Linux.

Here are some statistics for those who like numbers:

  number of classes: 1834

  number of lines of java source code: 220,525

  size of source in bytes: 6,173,176

  number of lines of area code: 610,843

  size of area in bytes: 14,425,070

Additionally there are 24,274 lines of Scheme code making up to 867,074 bytes. These statistics were last checked January 4th, 2004.

With the right guidance, building for Dawn of the Ages is a snap. Luckily for you we provide a guide for such an task, conveniently called, A Guide to Building an Area for Dawn of the Ages. You can also read the documentation offline by grabbing the zipped version of the document found there.

You may also want to go to Anasadi's builders' site for more help with your building projects.

Area Editor

You can download the first area editor Dhagholog wrote at It should work under Windows 95/98 and NT. Be sure to read the documentation to the area editor carefully!

You might also try your hand at the beta version of the AreaEd v2.0 made available at To run it you will need Python 1.5.2 or higher (see and gnome-python (see Note that AreaEd v2.0 is currently in the beta stage. This means that not all of the final features are implemented, but will come eventually. However, no bugs or incompatibilities are known currently. If you encounter a bug or have a suggestion for a feature, contact Dhagholog.

Socials Editor

You can download the socials editor at SocialEd is a Java-based application for the single purpose of editing the socials.are or creating a new one. In this file the definitions for all social commands are stored. To use this application you only need a computer with Java-support, it will work under any OS! Just unzip the files and start the SocEd.class.


DoA's statistics fall into a page all their own. Head out there right now if you want to see stats like player count, level stats, and clan stats.