Dawn of the Ages (DoA) has many of the features you expect of a text-based MUD, including but not limited to

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Races mundane and legendary occupy the lands of Ayreon, from the half-pint halfling to the colossal titan. There are thirty-three races in all, eleven of which are legendary, or reincarnate, races. These include several races of humans and elves, three races of dwarf, numerous non-humanoid races such as minotaurs and wulfen, and some of the more exotic creatures like daemons and atlanteans. >> view them now <<


Professions are the means by which players make their ways in the world of Ayreon. DoA provides eight professions in all, clerics, templars, necromancers, rangers, rogues, scribes, warriors and wizards. Each has its own set set of unique skills, and are carefully balanced so no profession has a distinct advantage over all the others. It is said, however, some races take to certain professions better than most... >> view them now <<


As a player progresses in her profession, she may opt to refine her skills by adopting a career. Careers enhance the professions, adding to them in ways the professions cannot do alone, and give the player's character the opportunity to stand out from among the crowd. Every career on DoA has at least two skills unique to itself. >> view them now <<


An essential source of the world's conflicts, the clans fight it out among themselves to determine what sort of philosophy will hold sway over Ayreon. There are seven active clans, one each beholden to war, magic, peace, intrigue, vengeance, domination and justice. Just what clan is the most powerful is for the players to decide. >> view them now <<


There are over a dozen gods and goddesses in Ayreon's pantheon, each of them devoted to an important aspect of life - and death. There is Daghyld, goddess of honor and valor, and Anue, god of desturction and the seas, and there is Sscis, evil lord of murder. Religions form an essential part of DoA, influencing everything from careers to clan life. >> view them now <<

Skills and Spells

DoA offers hundreds of skills and spells to choose from, from the lowly (and useful) campfire of the rangers to the the decapitate skill of the barbarians to the fade skill of the nymph race. Gaining these skills is a matter of race, profession, career, religion and clan, and many of these skills are exclusive in some way or other. >> view them now <<


Hundreds of quests may be had on DoA, and it is difficult not to become involved in at least one! Careers can be gained only by questing; clanmasters often require applicants to undergo quests; world denizens are always in need of objects (or bounties), and reward player characters who complete their tasks. Get involved in questing today! >> view them now <<

Player Killing

Player killing, also called "pkilling" and "pk" and "pvp", refers to player versus player combat. PK is optional on DoA, but is encouraged for the fun it offers. Monsters and quests can provide hours of entertainment, but nothing tests a player than combat against another player, or several players. >> view it now <<