Connecting to Dawn of the Ages (DoA) is a simple matter of having a telnet client of some sort and using it to connect to the game. We use the term "telnet client" loosely, because in this day and age a player will want to use a mud client. Google "mud client" to know what we're talking about. We also offer a mud client of our own.

The address for Dawn of the Ages is "" port 8000. If you are behind a firewall, use port 8080.

Of course, if you wish, you can simply click the "play" button above and a java client will hook you up to Dawn of the Ages.

The Dawn Mud Client

The Dawn Mud Client, or DMC, is the official Dawn of the Ages (DoA) mud client. It has these features:

  · triggers
  · multi-command aliases
  · highlights
  · gags
  · speedwalks
  · multi-function status-bar with
    · display of active affects
    · hp/mana/move gauges for yourself
    · hp gauge for opponent
    · mini-map
    · room name
    · money, tnl, etc. 
  · fully configurable
  · comfortable editing of input
  · tab-completion
  · log of mud sessions to file
  · recall of mud output
  · more modus for mud output
  · fully scriptable/programmable via python
  · multiple output windows, displaying affect list in seperate window
  · gui offering
    · freely configurable button-bar
    · wizards for editing buttons, aliases, triggers and speedwalks
    · note composer with built-in editor
    · extraction of conversation to different windows 

Using this client requires downloading Python 1.5.2 or better. You can download python at

The client itself may be downloaded here.

To start up the client, first be sure to have python installed. Then, on Windows, double click "". On Linux, bring up the shell (command line) and type "python".

The Dawn Mud Client FAQ

Here's a list of frequently asked question we get about the DMC:

· I get the message "error reading std.opt".

  This only means that there are no saved options for the client. Ignore it,
  it doesn't mean anything is wrong. If you feel like it, save your options
  via "File -> Save options" and it will go away.

· I get the message "cannot bind key xxx"

  This means, the DMC tries to define a keybinding that is not supported by
  your operating system. This has no further consequence besides that this
  keybinding will not be available to you. Currently, this is true for the
  keypad on Windows.

· The status area keeps empty, no mini-map is shows

  To enable the information display in the status area and the mini-map you
  need to redefine your prompt. You do it using the #prompt command which
  works just like the one form the mud. That means, just enter #prompt with
  the options you normally use in the mud, and it will add all definitions
  the DMC needs.

· The client feels much slower than the one I am used to

  You most probably have not redefined your prompt for the DMC. Look above
  how to do it. Display of the mud output is speeded up a lot when the
  prompt is defined properly.

· I don't want a GUI, I prefer a terminal version.

  Just start the client via "python --term" and the client will use
  your terminal window for all in and output.