Clans are special organizations of player characters united around a common cause. They have their own hideouts, their own healers, their own donation pits and, best of all, their own powers. Joining a clan requires you to have chosen a career for your character, and your character must be between levels 12 and 25, inclusive. You also will need to petition the clan leadership to join.

Every clan has its own cause from which it derives its meaning and its powers. The meaning of the clan takes the shape of a "clan item" from which the powers of the clan flow and which the clan must protect from other clans. Without this clan item, the clan become powerless and suffers as long as it remains without the clan item. Retrieving the clan item requires raiding opposing clans for the item. Raids are a pk-only activity, that is, to raid an opposing clan, one must be pk-joined.

The powers of each clan differs from the powers of every other clan. In general, the powers of the clan suit the cause of the clan. Tarealen, for example, has skills and spells that it derives from shadow, while its opposing clan, Ofcol, derives its powers from the light of the moon. Not all skills are created equal, and the greater skills come with greater levels and clan ranks.

Besides the membership of the clan, every clan has its own hideout with which to defend the clan item. The hideout also serves to protect members of the clan, to heal them in times of battle and to hold their items should a member of the clan perish. There are also hidden goodies within the clan, like items for sale, transporters, mobs that can brand a clan member's possessions, and so on.

Membership in a clan does not require a character be pk-joined. However, membership does require a character be between the levels of 12 and 25, inclusive, when first joining. The character must also have a career. When the character joins a clan, the choice is made for life, so choose wisely. Being outcast from the clan is the character's only option once she's joined.

There are currently seven active clans and two inactive clans. The active clans are:

Antheum...... Clan of Good (aka "The Inquisition")
Callador..... Clan of Battle
Judges....... Clan of Law
Lokatar...... Clan of Evil (aka "The Dark Crusaders")
Ofcol........ Clan of Light
Pentacle..... Clan of Magic
Tarealen..... Clan of Shadows

Click on the clan name above to learn more about the particular clan. The inactive clans are:

Camethal..... Clan of Order
Dartakan..... Clan of Anarchy

Clans often fight with one another to spread their ideas. They tend to fight with their direct opposites, but occasionally will war with any clan whose ideals threaten their own. Two or more clans banding together to fight one or more other clans is not unheard of. The clans that regularly oppose each other are as follows:


The Judges are a special clan whose charter requires its members to enforce the laws of the cities. They have no clan opposite.

Clan Application

To become a member of a clan, you need to write an application to the clan of your choice. You do that by writing a note to that clan. For more help on using the note system, type "help note" in the game.

You will address the note to the clan name itself (Pentacle, Lokatar, Judges, etc.) with the subject "Application". The note should be written in-character, meaning that if your character is a daemon, you'd write as you think a daemon should, and if your character is a white elf thief, you write as a white elf thief. Once you've sent off the application, you may need to wait a time before hearing a response. Please allow them a few days to get back to you.

Understand that induction into the clan may not be automatic. Some clan masters may require your character undergo a quest. Be advised that this is just part of the process of entering a clan.

Clan Religions

Note that some clans bar specific professions, careers, races and alignments from joining their ranks. Some also have guidelines with regard to religions. The guidelines often are more strict with priests and templars than with lay people, as the following tables show:

o allowed
x disallowed

Clan/Religion Table for Monks/Priests/Templars
The Gods Ant Cal Jud Lok Ofc Pen Tar SUM
Anue x x x x x x o 1
Arduna o x o x o x x 3
Celawyn x x o x o x x 2
Daghyld o x o x o x x 3
Digna x x o x o x x 2
Dwaraur o x x x x x x 1
Jorrod x x x x x x o 1
Kulthis x x o o x x x 2
Lothgul x x o o x x x 2
Morruin x x o x o x x 2
Oneirion x x o x o o o 4
Oonouyugh x x x o x x o 2
Shorkam o x x x x x x 1
Sscis x x x o x x o 2
Vorgen x o x x x x o 2
Wyome x x x x o x x 1
SUM 4 1 8 4 7 1 6 .

Clan/Religion Table for Laypersons
The Gods Ant Cal Jud Lok Ofc Pen Tar SUM
Anue x o x x x o o 3
Arduna o o o x o o x 5
Celawyn x x o x o o x 3
Daghyld o o o x o x x 4
Digna x o o x o o x 4
Dwaraur o o x x x o x 3
Jorrod x o x x x o o 3
Kulthis x o o o x o o 5
Lothgul x o o o x o o 5
Morruin x o o x o o o 5
Oneirion x x o x o o o 4
Oonouyugh x o x o x o o 4
Shorkam o o x x x o x 3
Sscis x o x o x o o 4
Vorgen x o x x x x o 2
Wyome x o x x o o x 3
SUM 4 14 8 4 7 14 9 .