The Immortals of Dawn of the Ages

Around a couple dozen or so immortals have contributed to Dawn of the Ages. Some are active and others have left the game to follow other pursuits. We list both actives and inactives below in their own sections.

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The Current Implementors

Anasadi the Grey
Dhagholog the Dark, Lord of Entropy
Lobo the Uncanny
Winddancer, the eternal Wanderer

The Current Immortals

Horngrath, the eternal Fisher
Leara Lady of Finality
Yaz'Racor, the Faceless

Retired Immortals

Aeris the Lord of Evil and Damnation
Alzhayad the fallen Angel
Amnarantur, God of War
Anastasia, the Mistress of War
Baltasar the Dark One
Chanidia Goddess of Honour and Valor
Cloudwalker, the Rock of Faith
Derven the Big Rock
Frisson the Wanderer
Glutharc Duskbringer
Kahnia Asmodeen, Lady of Wicked Voodoo
Lochigg the Beasttrainer
Mirkash the Dreamweaver
Sardur the Wizard
Seifer, Judge of Time
Sorromon the Watcher
Umbroso, the Golden Knight