Dawn of the Ages (DoA) offers players many kinds of quests for their characters. Some quests are local, while others span the length of the world. Some quests offer objects as a reward, some offer quests points, and some offer a mix of gold, experience, and quest points. To gain a carrer a character must undergo a quest - to become a greater race a character must again undergo a quest. The kinds of quests DoA offers is varied and extensive.

We describe below many of the kinds of quests a character may encounter in the course of her lifetime.

Career Quests

Eventually a character will come to a point in her profession where she wants to expand her current repertoire of skills. She will need to go to her guildmaster and ask about her career choices. Once she has decided on a career, the guildmaster will tell her the name, and possibly the location, of an instructor in the career she has chosen. Finding her instructor, however, is only the first step towards a career, for while the instructor will be glad to teach her the ways of her chosen career path, it will not be without a price. The instructor may ask for an object, or the death of a certain creature, or perhaps a combination of the two: the quests are as varied as the careers themselves.


Autoquests are simple quests where the quest giver requires the character to hunt down and slay a creature. The reward for completing the quest is a few quest points. This is not to say the quests are easy. Sometimes the target lies behind locked doors the character has no access to. Sometimes the target stands in the company of friends, or behind the protections of a more powerful creatures. Some targets even may be protected by other characters!

Standalone Quests

These quests can involve anything from simple item retrievals to solving complex puzzles. They also can result in quest points, gold, experience and rare objects.

Quest Points

Quest points are the currency required for some special equipment when gold and other coin won't do. They may be gained by completing various quests, by defeating the target of an autoquest, and by victory over one's opponent in the Arena east of Midgaard. Quest points are redeemable at Quin's Tower, whose merchants sell armors, weapons, containers, and other rare items.

Area of Reincarnation

When the character reaches a certain level of experience, he may wish to become part of a race greater than the one he is. Becoming the greater race, however, is not a simple matter, for the character must undergo a trial by combat that will test his mettle. The character will need to prepare himself physically and mentally, and when he thinks he is ready, he must seek the oracle who can tell him the current location of the fiery portal, the portal that leads to the Area of Reincarnation. Getting to the portal is not always easy, and can sometimes be impossible, forcing the character to bide his time before journeying to the portal. Once he has found it, then, he will enter the portal, and move forward into the Area to face three combatants of equal or greater power. Should he find himself defeated by these, there will be a price to pay...