Professions are the means by which characters make their ways in the world. They define a certain number of basic skills for that character, skills needed by the character for her survival. Some skills are common between different professions, while others are unique to a particular profession. A list of professions follows, including their skills, their spells (if any), and the careers open to them. More information on careers can be found on the careers page.


Warriors are those who rely on their brawn and their skills in weapon combat. Most new players choose warriors for their simplicity of play. Warriors have ten different careers from which to specialize. >> view them now <<


Wizards are the opposite of warriors in many ways, choosing to live by their brains rather than their bodies. They control many kinds of arcane magics, specializing as they grow in power, becoming enchanters, conjurors, invokers and more. >> view them now <<


Living by their wits, their reflexes and often the seats of their pants, rogues lurk the shadows seeking easy prey from which to rob. Some rogues do have better thoughts in mind, and use their abilities to punish the wicked. >> view them now <<


Clerics act as the mouthpieces of their respective gods, blessing their followers, cursing their enemies, and spreading the word of the true faith. Some clerics parktake in the wars of light and dark, while others are indifferent to the ways of good and evil. >> view them now <<


As clerics are the mouthpieces of the gods, templars are the weapons the gods of light and darkness use in their wars with each other. Templars are a crude mix of warrior and priest. >> view them now <<


Walkers of the woodlands and other uncivilized locations, rangers are a form of warrior with spellcasting and roguish abilities. Their focus, however, is on nature and her ways, and their skills reflect this. >> view them now <<


A class unto themselves, necromancers are wizards whose purpose in life is the study of undeath. They are generally disliked by civilized societies, and some have devoted their lives to hunting them down. >> view them now <<


Scribes are wizards who have specialized in the study and art of potions, scrolls and other spellcasting items, and who write these formulae down in books of their own. They are an unusual profession to say the least... >> view them now <<