There are many races on Dawn of the Ages (DoA) from which to choose. We divide them into minor races and major, or reinc, races. Minor races are those races players may choose from when first creating a character on DoA. Reinc (short for reincarnate) races may be chosen when the character reaches level 51 and undergoes the reinc area. We describe the five categories of minor races below. We also briefly go into the major races, which we place in their own category.

For your convenience we also list out the racial stats of both the minor and the major races.


Humans are the dominant species on the face of Ayreon, and potentially a few other places as well. Most have no special racial powers or abilities, and may be considered weak as specialists. They find it easier than other races to master skills, however, and generally suffer none of the vulnerabilities that plague other creatures. >> view them now <<


This broad category covers a variety of races that closely resemble or may be related to humans, but are not human. This includes halflings, genies, ogres, half elves, and others. Their abilities vary, but all have two limbs, two legs and a head. >> view them now <<


Elves are beings whose lifespans cover many scores of generations of humans. They resemble humans greatly, but are slighter, somewhat shorter and their features are more angular. White elves and wood elves are common in the forests above the surface of Ayreon, but below the surface it is the dark elves who rule. >> view them now <<


There are only two minor races of dwarf, mountain dwarves and chaos dwarves, but they resemble one another in their short stature, their stockiness and their mistrust of most other races. They are otherwise as dissimilar as cats and dogs. The third race of dwarf, the Khazad, is one of the major races. >> view them now <<


There are races that came into the world as a result of divine curses or arcane magics, and there are others whose ancestors predate humanity and other humaoids. These are categorized as halfbreeds. Among these are skaven, centaurs, minotaurs and others. >> view them now <<


Reincarnates, or "reincs" for short, are the major races that ruled the world in the times of legend. There are fewer of them now than there used to be, but characters who reach level 51 may become one of them. These races include nymphs, titans, daemons, crimson elves, shapeshifters and more. They often are more powerful than minor races and have special abilities that set them apart. >> view them now <<


Each race has its own strengths and weaknesses compared to your average human. We provide a convenient list of these on their own page. >> view them now <<