A time will come when, as the adventurer develops in her profession, she may want to specialize and expand her talents. She will then embark on a chosen career path, one that will offer her more skills, more artistry, and better opportunities for growth. A career path is a matter not to be taken lightly, for once a career is chosen, the adventurer stays with that career for the remainder of her days.

To choose a career, an adventurer must first find a master of the art she wishes to study. She should contact her local guildmaster, who, while unable to teach her the finer points of her career, either knows and is sometimes in contact with those who can. Her journey then begins as she seeks out her master, some of whom live in the deepest wilds, and others who reside at the far corners of the world. Her journey may be long and the adventurer may find it is not without some risk. Still, with determine and some luck, she will find her master. When she does, she must mention the career she wants to her master.

The master will ask the adventurer to undergo a quest, a quest that she must complete before the master will instruct her in the secrets of her chosen career path. Just as no career is the same, so it is with career quests. A master must determine the mettle of the applicant, and sometimes will require the applicant to go to extremes for her career. For some careers this means the adventurer may have to be of some renown and her powers must be at a certain level before she can accomplish her task. Even so, the quest still may end in the death of the adventurer.

But the quest is not without its rewards, least of which are the skills and powers the adventurer gains with her chosen career. When she has finished the task given to her by her master, the adventurer must once again seek him out, and complete the quest with a phrase or perhaps an object she was asked to bring. The master will then teach the applicant the basics of her career.

Every career bestows an additional fourteen skills and/or spells on the adventurer. She gains her first skill or spell at level 13, then gains one more skill or spell every two levels of experience. Two of these skills or spells will be unique to the career she has chosen -- no other career will be found to have them. Other skills or spells may vary in power and uniqueness. Some careers may have more than fourteen skills or spells to compensate for the particular profession of the adventurer. The effect on gameplay for the adventurer by her chosen career cannot be understated.

Below we list the careers each profession can have. These are the same lists as found on each professions page. The careers on separate pages. The skills belonging to each career is listed below the career name on those pages.

Warrior Careers

Amazon                  Assassin                Barbarian
Gladiator               Mercenary               Monk
Noble                   Outlaw                  Samurai

Wizard Careers

Arcanist                Battlemage              Conjurer
Enchanter               Invoker

Rogue Careers

Amazon                  Assassin                Dragon Ninja
Footpad                 Minstrel                Outlaw
Pick Pocket

Cleric Careers

Cleric of Anue          Cleric of Arduna        Cleric of Celawyn
Cleric of Daghyld       Cleric of Digna         Cleric of Dwaraur
Cleric of Kulthis       Cleric of Lothgul       Cleric of Morruin
Cleric of Oneirion      Cleric of Oonouyugh     Cleric of Shorkam
Cleric of Sscis         Cleric of Vorgen        Cleric of Wyome

Templar Careers

Templar of Arduna       Templar of Daghyld      Templar of Dwaraur
Templar of Kulthis      Templar of Lothgul      Templar of Oonouyugh
Templar of Shorkam      Templar of Sscis

Ranger Careers

Beastmaster             Bounty Hunter           Hunter
Noble                   Outlaw                  Samurai
Scout                   Trapper

Necromancer Careers

Assassin                Necromancer of Death    Necromancer of Unlife